Water- and waste-water-treatment
Emulsion splitting agent
In many areas of industries large quantities of waste emulsions and oil containing waste water are produced nowadays, which can not be past into canalisation or into recipients without being pre-treated.
EFA Chemie has developed emulsion splitting agent, which make it possible to treat waste emulsion successfully without complicated technical processes. The emulsion splitting agent destabilized these emulsions and therefore causes a separation of dirt and water.
These Products are preferably used to treat organically affected heavy metals and/or solvent containing waste water.
Especially emulsions, dispersions, washing- and process water, as well as water lacquer systems can be treated successfully.
Flocculation aid
In liquid or granulated concentrated form. Usable as flocculation aid or in combination with other EFA products.

For the treatment of watery colour systems, plastic dispersion and solvent-containing lacquer. For the usage in waste-water treatment plants, as well as cooling and steam circuits..
  A highly effective flocculation- and coagulation agent for the waste- water treatment.
The emulsion splitting agent is preferably used in liquid form for watery lacquer systems, oil containing emulsions and washing water.
  Example applications for our emulsion-splitting agents:
  waste-water containing waterdiluable paint
  cooling- and lubrication emulsions
  glue rinsing waste-water
  Powdery preparation based on modified Split-Adsorptions-IonExchange- Reaction agents for the waste- water treatment and conditioning of sludge.
  Example applications for our reaction-splitting agents:
  waste-water from flexographic printing
  waste-water from CD-production
  galvanic waste-water with complexing agents
  Biozides and odour eliminator
For the elimination of odour emission, slime and bacterial infestation of water circulation plant, biological sewage treatment plant and car wash.

Heavy metal precipitator
For REA - waste water, Galvanotechnics, Elektronic and Printed circuit board industrie, incineration plant, chemical industrie and car industrie.

Special products