Surface treatment, cleaning and degreasing
Alkaline and neutral cleaner
Liquid and powdered cleaner concentrate for the usage of immersion flood and spraying plants for the cleaning of various materials.
Corrosion protection agents
Passivation agents for the final passivation of pre-treatment steel surfaces.
Pickling for the removal of rust, tinder, oil coal, and remaining pollution of metal surfaces.
Iron phosphating
Phosphate agents for all input ranges and materials.
Mineral oil and synthec products for cooling lubrication
Universally to be applied for all metal removing operations, grinding and chipfree conversions with good corrosion protection.
Removal of stamping oil , as well as pigmentdust, hardening oil as well as pigment substances, grinding dust, tensile phosphate layers and further pollution of metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
Input in spraying- and immersion actions with optimum layer - forming and degreasing action.