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Our range of products
Range of products Field of application
EFAGOL 1000 - 1099 Coagulation agent in liquid form - for nonstickyness and flocculation especially for solvent containing lacquer systems.
EFAPUR 1100 - 1199 Concentrated powdery coagulation agent - to prevent stickyness of flocculation, especially solvent containing lacquer systems.
EFAMULS 1200 - 1299 Liquid splitting agent and demulsifiers for water lacquer systems, emulsions and washing water, as well as an activator for solvent based lacquer.
EFAFLOC 1300 - 1399 Concentrated flocculation aid - is also partly useable as flotation aid.
EFAPUR 1400 - 1499 Powdery precipitation-and flocculation agent, salt-free, sulphate free, splitting agent for metal working liquids and process-/washing water.
EFAPUR 1500 - 1599 Powdery reaction splitting agent - emulsion splitting agent for water lacquer system, oil emulsions and washing water.
EFAPUR 1600 - 1699 Powdery reaction splitting agent - special products for splitting emulsions, treatment of process water and heavy metals precipitation.
EFAFLOC 1700 - 1799 Flocculation agent in granulated form - also partly useable as flotation aid.
EFA-Aids 1800 - 1899 Defoamers, widely working biocide, heavy metal pricipitant, aids.
EFADETECT 1900 - 1999 Products for non destructive testing of materials
Product group 2000 - 2999 Products for cooling water treatment
Products for boiler water treatment
Product group 3000 - 3999 Products for metal surface treatment / cleaning
EFAFLOC 4000 - 4999 Polymers for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage sludge.
EFA-Filter material 9000 - 9199 Filter bags
Filter products
Plant concepts Customer specific solution and plant technic for the treatment of waste water, recirculation of process- and washing-water, as well as individual applications for special problems